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1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

| Cena: 679500 | Lokalita: Praha | Datum: 2017-03-19 20:46:33

Here is an exciting unrestored 2000 Spider. Last registered for the road in 1977, period tags indicate the Alfa spent its life in the Hermosa Beach area before it was withdrawn into storage. According to Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico Centro Documentazione, chassis number AR102.04.00XXX and the engine number AR00204.00XXX originally correspond to an Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider, manufactured on the 26th February 1959 and sold on the 3rd March 1959 . The Spider comes equipped with the exceptionally rare optioned hard top and remains an overall very original and complete example to restore. Equipped with its matching numbers engine (which turns freely) this make for an exciting find of the ever desirable and appreciating coachbuilt model.
Piet Roberto